Tailor-made Remote Teams on Demand

From 10,000+ remote specialists, we flexibly scale remote teams and competencies as needed.

Remote Native

Digitization, IT Outsourcing and Project Management Expert for Remote Team and Service Delivery Management.


Internal resources

Your own staff members from your company who are integrated into the remote teams and work with or lead the projects.

Maßgeschneiderte Remote Teams


Local partners

German-speaking specialists for e.g. project, requirements and innovation management as well as UX, IT and business strategy.


Internationale Partner

Strategic partnerships for scalable IT competencies such as web, e-commerce, mobile, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, VR/AR.

How to work successfully with remote teams in the long term!

Teamaufbau Analyse

Step 1: Analysis

Evaluation of the professional and organizational requirements and conditions of your project.

Teamaufbau Setup

Step 2: Setup Team 

Professional coaching for team selection and the establishment of commercial and legal framework.

Teamaufbau Onboarding

Step 3: Onboarding

Planning and implementation of team building measures and knowledge transfer for successful cooperation.

Teamaufbau Onboarding

Step 4: Management

Professional service delivery management and regular performance reviews of collaboration and work results.

Save time and money with Remote Native

Remote Team finden


Faster find the right specialists and compensate for resource bottlenecks.

Remote Team finden


Identify differences and reduce barriers to assure best collaboration.

Remote Team finden

project risks

Making IT projects more secure with risk management and proactive methodology.

Remote Team finden

project quality

Increase quality in remote IT projects with new quality standards.

With our international network of developers, project managers, consultants and UX designers, we support you as an experienced implementation partner for your IT projects. In this way, we make it possible to bridge short-term resource bottlenecks with remote IT specialists or to release internal resources for digitization. We offer consulting and project management with native speakers to ensure knowledge transfer and the quality of your projects.

Scalable remote teams for your IT projects.

  • Balance missing capabilities with Remote Teams

  • Enhance IT clout and reduce personnel costs

  • With certified, German-speaking project management and German contractor

  • 20 years of experience in setup, management and scaling of off- & nearshore teams

Get reinforcement now

We offer three options for the team request:

1. online team inquiry

2. schedule appointment online

3. phone hotline

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Successful with know-how and method

Remote Team integrieren

Team-Setup &

Successfully integrate remote teams into your projects and develop relevant competencies.

Remote Team steuern

Team &
Project Management

Effectively and efficiently manage remote teams with certified, external project managers.


Leverage distributed expertise strategically

We innovate the way Remote Teams collaborate to make offshoring and nearshoring efficient and secure. So you can scale relevant competencies for your e-business as needed!

  • Boosting digital clout and competence

  • Unlocking new technologies and services

  • Improve business models and processes

* Fulfill all professional, social and legal criteria to work successfully with distributed, international teams.