Leading the digital transformation successfully and economically at the same time requires knowledge, skills and experience in many disciplines. 

Digitalstrategie Digital Experience

Digital Experience

Digitalstrategie Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Digitalstrategie Künstliche Intelligenz

Künstliche Intelligenz

Digitalstrategie Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Digitalstrategie Blockchein


Develop products and services flexibly

Strengthen digital clout with external developer power and accelerate the development of new business models, service models and products.

  • Optimize use of technology and resources

  • Reduce shortage of skilled workers

  • Deploy IT costs more efficiently

Drive digital transformation and develop USPs with distributed competencies.

Develop USPs in the short term with Remote Teams

Plan, evaluate and develop new ideas for effective use of technology and data-driven growth strategies with rapidly deployable consulting and development packages.

Kick Start

Identify short-term untapped business potential with new technologies and data.

1 day à 5.000 €

Discovery Sprint

Refine your business ideas, solve real user problems and test it with customers.

1 – 2 weeks / 15.000 €

Proof of Concept

Determine the feasibility of your idea and verify that it will function as envisioned.

1 month / 35.000 €


Seize opportunities now

In today’s digital world, every company has to rethink the way they do business. The digital transformation from traditional models will be crucial for future success in this rapidly evolving landscape of disruptive technology.

To successfully shape the digital transformation and exploit the opportunities offered by disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT or blockchain as a competitive advantage, companies need specific expertise and new resources.

Above all, the integration of new technologies and the associated adaptation of existing systems and processes is associated with a not inconsiderable expenditure of time and money.

Remote Native supports companies in mastering the challenge of digital transformation and building up new competencies as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Where is your company today?

Fig.: Maturity model of the organization regarding digital transformation and new work.

“We gotta do something about that!” ” How do we proceed now?” “How do we take the next step” – these are questions that come up more and more often in your team, too? With Remote Native, you can accelerate your digital transformation. We’ll tell you how. Check out the potential of remote teams in your company now.


Benefit from digital change

After all, most companies have recognized the benefits of digital transformation. They want to use it to expand their business model, generate new revenue opportunities and make their entire organization more sustainable.

Integrated into a meaningful and productive way, remote teams can use targeted development power to strengthen the digital prowess of an organization. This allows them gradually reduce employees’ shortage while increasing companywide productivity with new technologies that improve internal and external operations.


Transformation triggers innovation – and vice versa

The increasing digitalisation of processes and working methods with remote teams can also release innovative impulses and moments in your company. The expertise of our remote teams is enriching in many ways. New approaches for surprising solutions and more freedom for creativity are created.

In this context, remote teams can also accelerate and drive the development of new business models and products. This also includes new service models for more competitiveness and profitable added value.

How can Remote Teams help your business?