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25 years experience in software development

25 years of experience with Off- and Nearshore

20 years of experience with Off- and Nearshore

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Proofen Remote management approach

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Remote work and teams


Establishment and development of remote work and teams as well as coordination and realization of digital projects.


Experience and Method


Exclusive success concept for team building and management improves the cooperation of distributed teams!


No more resource bottleneck


Never again lack of resources and skills to make digital strategies a success faster and safer.

Remote Ready since 20 years

Andreas Anding

Andreas Anding

Digital & Remote Architect, CEO

Sabine Leretz-Richter

Sabine Leretz-Richter

Digital Architect & Project Manager, COO

Wilhelm Fumy

Ralf Borchardt

Cross-Cultural & Project Manager
Dipl.-Ing.oec, MBA, DBA, cand. Ph.D.

Wilhelm Fumy

Wilhelm Fumy


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About us means with everyone

Remote Native is connected to numerous experts. As a key driver for effective standards in remote work and it outsourcing of digitisation projects, one of our essential qualities is to be good, better and best networked. Through constant exchange, participation in the most important events and congresses as well as related recommendations, we are able to maintain and expand our network continuously.

The Remote Native Network in numbers

  • Over 100+ consultants in the areas of strategy, e-commerce, product information and asset management as well as DevOps & IT
  • Over 100+ UX designers
  • Over 200+ project managers for agile and classic PM
  • Trainers and coaches to compensate for PM weaknesses
  • Interim manager for temporary assignments
  • Over 2,000 IT architects and developers
  • Over 200 digital marketing managers and specialists
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Remote Native Netzwerk

Remote Native helps with exclusive management approach “Systematic Remote Success” to make remote projects and IT outsourcing ventures easier and scale resources more efficiently.

Remote Knowhow

Knowing what counts.

The Remote Native founders have been at home in the fields of digital marketing and IT projects for 30 years. In different constellations and roles they have gained experience as programmers, software architects, project managers, scrum masters, UX designers, product owners, business analysts and managing directors. In this context we have also intensively dealt with the processes and quality of off- and nearshoring projects. You can rely on sound know-how and versatile experience.

Our expertise at a glance:

  • 30 years of know-how in over 1,000 digital marketing & IT projects
  • 25 years of off- and near-shoring learning in various markets
  • 20 years of experience in business strategy and IT consulting and the organization of remote processes