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We support industry, trade and service providers to reduce personnel costs for digital marketing & IT by up to 33%.

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Creating new quality standards in offshoring and nearshoring with exclusive methodology


Enable binding commitments and build trust and understanding in the long term with an appropriate set of methods and a common code of conduct.


Ensure joint knowledge development and transfer to achieve a transparent cooperation with reliable requirements management and fair pricing.


Support classic and agile process models with additional quality gates and control instances to ensure a successful result.

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Why remote is important and relevant

Everybody is desperately searching for Marketing & IT Resources

No matter who you ask. Everyone has the same problem. Lack of marketing and IT resources. Generally rising shortage of skilled workers. Developers and creative people can choose their employer. In addition, personnel costs are rising all the time. Finally, recruitment is becoming increasingly complex.

When the digital competence of German companies has a decisive influence on competitiveness. What does this mean for the German economy in the long term if we do not take countermeasures?

The only short-term solution is outsourcing or off- and nearshoring.

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Why outsourcing doesn’t work?

Is near- and offshore really not working????

If the topic of offshoring and nearshoring is addressed, almost everyone also reacts in the same way. It’s not working. I’ve tried that before. Unreliable. Poor quality. An initially favorable price is consumed with quality assurance. Inadequate communication and project management. The partner is not willing to take responsibility for budget, timing, etc.

But let’s be honest. In the end it always takes two!

Professional processes and structures are required on both sides. And trained employees with sufficient experience to successfully manage projects in a foreign language. But above all a common set of rules and understanding of the result.

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How to set new quality standards!

Outsourcing must be fair and secure!

We have been developing digital strategies and software solutions since 2000. We have gained experience in more than 1,000 digital projects in almost every industry. For almost 10 years we have been dealing intensively with the topic of outsourcing. That’s why we know both sides only too well.

We have developed our own management method from the learnings to make outsourcing efficient and attractive for German companies.

We help customers and service partners to optimize their project management & remote performance, build efficient processes, set up project management tools and train employees in Prince2 and Scrum.

With Remote Native, you get access to qualified partners with consulting, project management, user experience, marketing and software experts. And this with a German contractual partner.

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This is how we make you successful remotely!

Remote Teams

We provide you with external teams with the desired IT and marketing skills and support you with project management if required.

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Remote Coaching

We help to build and develop processes, systems and competencies to work effectively and efficiently remotely.

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